David Hatcher Childress is the author or co-author of over 20 books, including THE TIME TRAVEL HANDBOOK, THE CRYSTAL SKULLS, the LOST CITIES series, and EXTRATERRESTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY. Childress has often been called a “real-life Indiana Jones”, known for visiting uncharted islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, organizing expeditions to Peru and Bolivia, and trekking through the Himalayas and remote areas on every continent in search of mankind’s forgotten history.

He is currently a co-star on the show ANCIENT ALIENS, now in its ninth season on the History Channel. The show explores the theory that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. Childress has also appeared on Fox TV’s SIGHTINGS AND ENCOUNTERS, two NBC-TV specials, THE CONSPIRACY ZONE, and segments for the Discovery Channel, A&E, the Syfy channel, the History Channel, the Travel Channel, and many others.

More on David Childress

Rogue Archaeologist

Recognized world expert on mysteries of ancient sites from around the world

Publisher and Pundit

Publisher of over 200 books on topics such as anti-gravity, lost cities, UFOs, ancient astronauts, and pre-history


Learn more about David Childress at his official website http://davidhatcherchildress.com

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